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Reach Your Potential

Acoustic Production & Development For Vocalists

What's the cost of being unsupported?

Wasting Potential

Facing Dilemmas

Burning Out

Stop Struggling. Get The Support You Need!


Manifest your musical vision just as your soul demands it.

Get Noticed

Build a catalog that other artists will be admire and imitate.

Cut Stress

Cut the stress out of being an artist and keep the joy of it.

Save Time

Get more time BACK to invest into your career or straight up enjoy life.

Make Progress

See tangible strides towards being the artist you set out to become.

"I know how it feels to struggle with living as a creator and garnering recognition for your blood, sweat, and tears."

Jordan Alexander, owner of Philomath Studios in music studio

What’s good! I’m Jordan Alexander, but my friends call me CJ. I’m a music producer and songwriter that helps artists defeat isolation and reach their potential.

Most artists struggle to build their careers, but I’ll give you the support you need to reach your goals with production and development that clears your stress and helps you grow.

My specialties are composition and acoustic production so I focus helping singers and rappers make beautiful music acoustically. How I work is simple — I value integrity, hard-work, and growth.

I believe that music is a medium that can help us all live better lives. If this resonates with you, then book a free, 1-on-1 clarity call with me so we can talk about your next career move!

"Working with CJ has been one of the biggest absolute pleasures as a musician thus far. Not only his understanding for what a song should sound like but how a song is composed all together! I’ve brought CJ multiple sets of music and to my surprise it completely changed the sound without changing the song. It’s beyond talent, this is passion, practice, and persistence at its finest. Overall 6 out of 5 stars"

Hear How I Have Helped Other Artists

"Working with Jordan was one of my first experiences recording with a live band. Great vibes, definitely fun to work with!"
"Working with CJ was a smooth experience, He knew when things wasn’t sounding correct and that helped out big time because most people won’t even say anything just to keep the ball rolling."

There are three ways to get support for your career. Which one fits you?

Manifest Your Vision & Build Your Career

Bring your music to life, grow musically, and get an ally for your journey with the Indie Creator's Program.

Perfect for artists who want an all-inclusive solution to their creation challenges all while still growing their careers.

music producer recording an artist in a recording studio

Clear The Hurdles To Getting Your Songs Done

Stop struggling with your own productions and get pristine representations of your art with Dynamic Artist Support.

Perfect for the self-produced artists, or artists who work a variety of music producers and audio engineers, and just want a flexible partner to get them to the finish line.

guitarist writing music on a couch

Get Insight Into Navigating Your Career

Learn to avoid the pitfalls of the being a modern artist and accelerate your growth as an artist.

Perfect for artists who want to be mentored through their career.

How We'll Get To Work

1. Connect

We'll get acquainted and discuss your vision and needs.

2. Fit

I'll see how I can best serve you and inform you of what you need to know.

3. Build

We'll manifest your vision with my expertise to guide you along the way.

You Don't Have To Do It Alone...

I know that you want to fulfill the artistic vision you have of yourself when you started your musical journey. You’re working hard to build your career and fulfill your dream!

The problem is you don’t have enough support, and it’s a shame but most artists face this issue. Sometimes it might feel like you’re on a tight rope without a safety net. Of course with all that pressure, you’ll be bogged down and overwhelmed.

I understand how much of a strife you deal with while trailblazing towards your success, which is why I spent years obsessing over the process of creating and exploiting music. I believe all artists ought to be able to reach their full potential and I’m here to help you do just that.

At Philomath Studios, this is how we do it:
1. Connect
— we’ll get acquainted and discuss your vision and needs;
2. Fit — I’ll see how I can best serve you and inform you of what you need to know;
3. Build
— we’ll get to work on your music and seeing you grow. 

So, book a free clarity call to discuss your artistic goals and how we can collaborate to achieve them! And in the meantime, download the 7 Mistakes Artists Make After Finishing Their Music. Stop falling short of your potential and instead become the artist you were meant to be.

7 Mistakes Artists Make After Finishing Their Music

Don’t drop the ball so close to the finish line! Download the list for free and learn about these 7 ways that artists fumble opportunities away.


It's Time To Get Started!

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