Get tools that’ll help you dominate your release cycle instead of vice versa! Keep sessions organized, lead musicians effectively, and dodge pitfalls in your career.

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Band Launch Guide

Learn how to lead musicians towards your goals and work with them effectively.

Project Tools

Tame the chaos of music creation and keep track of the ups and downs your project.

7 Mistakes Artists Make

Avoid simple pitfalls that you should not be falling for in 2023 with this simple checklist.

What you'll learn in the Practical Band Launch Guide​


1. The Prep Work – Page 3: (Start here if you’re brand new to being an artist)
A band is like any other team. For any team to be successful, the leader must know and be able to communicate the purpose, vision, and what success looks like.

2. The People – Page 8: (Start here if you want to know about working with musicians) Learn how to find and work with musicians. I’m not going to teach you basic skills like networking here, but you will get great advice to make sure you maximize the return on your efforts.

3. Your Bare Bones Plan – Page 15: (Start here if you’re an experienced artist)
All you need is a simple plan to get started! No frills. You’re going to get the information you need to act.

4. Adding Gas to The Fire – Page 20: Now that you have taken the first steps in getting your band started, here you will learn more about running your band and my two cents for musical success.

5. Leadership – Page 22: Learn what you need to avoid common issues that cause many bands to dissolve and what I’ve learned about being a good bandleader.

Tools To Keep Your Projects On Track

Project Tracker

Keep track of every important detail and keep your entire team on the same page

Session Organizer

Stay in control of your studio sessions and cut the time wasters.

Simple Demo Template

Save time and money preparing your own demos before hiring a producer.

What will you learn with in the 7 Mistakes Artists Make Checklist?

  1. What will interfere with getting you paid (Page 1)
  2. What will cause you to waste time and resources (Page 3)
  3. A small thing that’s a bigger pain than it’s actually worth (Page 3)
  4. This is crucial with your streaming metrics (Page 4)
  5. Not staying on top of this makes promotion much harder (Page 5)
  6. Not doing this WILL cost you opportunities (Page 5)
  7. If you don’t have this set up, you’re basically crippling your business in 2023 (Page 6)
  8. Bonus? (Page 7)