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Avoid These Mistakes

Learn about the 7 mistakes artists make after finishing their music. Don’t drop the ball so close to the finish line!

Dominate Your Projects

Get access to Tools that’ll help you dominate your release cycle instead of vice versa with the Artist Project Toolkit

Become A Bandleader

Clarify your artistry, learn how to lead musicians, and break ground with the Practical Band Launch Guide.

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Become a Featured MMD Artist

Fill out a short form for an opportunity to get access to experiences with high quality production and promotion on Midwest Music Deposit's platform

Learn Music Theory

Cheers to Youtube University! I have a full playlist of content from the best creators (in my humble opinion) covering music theory. Doesn't matter if you're starting from scratch!

DIY Engineering Education

Another one from YouTube University! I put together an expansive selection of videos and categorized them so you can understand producers and engineers much better!

Develop Your Marketing IQ

Last one from YouTube University! This is to get your familiar with the idea of marketing your own music and give your direction for further learning.


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