General Questions

My hours are 10AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday.

During these hours, I’ll be fully focused on bringing your project to life.

If you have a truly unique case and need me outside of those hours, I’m happy to make an exception!

However, please note that this will incur a convenience fee.

I’ll never share your songs in a malicious way, but I do share some things on social media and will update my portfolio.

I do reserve the right to share results of the work I do for you on social media, my websites, with publications, and to submit work for awards for my contribution to your music.

Pretty much it means making posts on my socials, BTS content, updating my portfolio, and linking to your music once it’s out.

If you have any secrecy requirements, then please tell me before we work together so we can make sure things work for everyone.

No, I operate remotely most of the time.

Since my equipment needs vary from project to project, I keep a certain amount of equipment and rent a studio in a more furnished studio when it’s needed.

It’s really having higher quality tracking rooms that make the biggest difference and not just audio equipment.

It means I can track the band members individually to save time on logistics or I get them all in one room for a more organic recording.  

Right now, it’s email the vast majority of the time. Phone or video calls are only used as needed.

Please don’t text or social dm anything related to your project. I do not keep track of project communications outside of email.

If for any reason, you ghost me for 20 business days at any point during our project, then I will pause your project until we decide on a date to resume work.

Please let me know at least 72 hours before the appointment time.

Usually, I try to be as flexible as possible if I have sufficient notice and I try not to sweat stuff like that. However, if I don’t have notice, then any rescheduling could be done at your expense.

You can find my Terms and Conditions here.

I have summary of some of the most important points on the House Rules page if you are in a rush.

Anyone that wants to work with my team and me, has to agree to these rules. Also, they are updated periodically.

  • If I don’t believe I can help you with your goals.
  • If I don’t believe the you’re is serious about your career.
  • If I don’t believe you’re is ready yet to get started.
  • If I believe the we aren’t musically in sync.
  • If you’re making music that promotes or condones the killing of black people, abuse of black women, abuse and neglect of children, drug abuse, or any other prominent issue in the black community.

Clarifications On How I Work

You can get work done outside of my operating hours if you pay a convenience fee and I agree to the work.

I sometimes make an exemption for writing and recording sessions, however, the extent to which I do is limited.

It’s at my discretion to work outside of my operating hours and you will be charged a convenience fee if I do any work for you during that time.

Most of the time the answer is yes.

YOUR TEAM: If you want to bring your manager, or label rep, then they are welcome to our meetings and sessions. For writing sessions, only invite people that are going to be co-writers of course.

GUESTS: If you want to invite people that’s not involved in the production to studio sessions, then please clear that with me prior to the session. They are not welcome in any other type of meeting.

Some of the recording studios I use has a limit on how many people can be present at once. Also anyone that impedes the session, meeting, or our ability to work will be asked to leave.

Upon the final payment…

I do not deliver any materials before the payment is completed. You will easily be able to listen and give feedback on your music and the work we do on it though.

I never add any services or do anything that will change the scope/price of the project without an artist’s express permission.

In the case that I believe something is truly needed, we’d have a conversation about how to best go about getting the job done.

We’ll talk it over, and if I agree to it, then we’ll adjust our plan.

For additional services, I’ll make sure it’s doable and reasonable for you goals while also considering the time my other clients need before getting to work.

Your investment and schedule will be adjusted accordingly.

Just let me know and we can put things on the breaks. I understand that life happens which can make building a music career complicated.

It’s perfectly okay to halt production with me. However, please communicate ASAP if something like this even becomes a possibility. 

Just note, I reserve the right to terminate a project that is suspended longer than 60 business days. Resuming work is subject to my availability.

Though, usually I won’t do that unless the project is going nowhere or you’re not taking action on your end to move things forward.

If we find ourselves in the unfortunate scenario where we have to stop a project, then let me know ASAP — preferably before the issue gets that far.

Please talk to me before you make up your mind, so we can try to find a solution that works for you.

You’ll get what you have already paid for, and anything that isn’t paid for or finished will be aborted. Any payments made up until that point will be forfeit though.

Yes! You will get to read it once we know you’re ready to start.

Until then you can read at info about the ICP Agreement here. Also be sure to read the T&C before we work together.

A T&C is designed to protect business from nightmare clients.

Most clients are just decent folk work that just want help achieving their goals. The few that are not and can cause damage to any business.

I have a T&C just to be responsible about my business. You can read it here: https://www.philomathstudios.com/terms-and-conditions/

Clarifications On Your Investment

Everything is online. Both debit and credit are acceptable forms of payment.

The exact payment schedule depends on what you’re coming to me for.

I use Stripe as my payment processor, which protects the you during transactions.


No project or work in general will begin without a deposit.

I just want to give you a heads up that the initial deposit for your project isn’t refundable no matter what.

Unfortunately, if you pause or end your project, I can’t issue any refunds either.

But, I’m here to help you in any way I can, so if you have any concerns or refund requests, just let me know!

I’ll review them on a case-by-case basis and try to issue a partial refund if possible based on the work completed and your overall budget.

Yes, I take a split for production and writing.

The split I will take will be based on how I serve you as a producer. I’m open to producing just for the fee — note that usually means the fee is somewhat higher.

I don’t co-write or write as a work-for-hire. Those cases result in my being a co-owner of the composition.

I understand that the conversation can make people uncomfortable, but it’s best to discuss have a discussion about these things as early as possible — we will do just that.

I don’t have a set rate because every project is different and every artist has different needs.

I never run a bloated budget and I always try to run with the leanest crew that’s appropriate for what the music calls for.

If you’re not interested in one of my programs, then the best way to get an idea of what you might invest by working with me is to reach out to me with a clear idea of what you want.

All work will be halted and you won’t receive any of the deliverables.

In this case, please hit me up as soon as you foresee any difficulty making a payment and we can possibly work out an alternative schedule.

Either way, I’m not able to continue working nor will I be able to deliver files until the full payment is received.

It depends on the task. Either a fixed price for the task or an hourly rate.

We can discuss this once we’ve talked about your music and got you started on your project.

Clarifications On My Production Process

Yes! Everything gets taken care of by my colleagues and me!

I almost always cover mixing and recording in addition to producing your music.

If we’re working 100% remote, I’ll either point you to reputable studio or show you how to record yourself if the job is simple.

I don’t charge for mastering my own mixes, but I’d prefer if there was room in the budget for me to hire a mastering engineer.

Our preproduction will be remote unless we have a reason to meet in person.

We’ll use Sessionwire for this which will save money on studio time. When we meet in person, it could be for the following reasons:

  1. A rehearsal for your band or the band I’m putting together for you.
  2. Meeting with any other team members I gather for your project (e.g. vocal coach).
  3. We have extra time on our hands and we can.

Yes, I do. Here’s a few ways I do so…

1. For the Indie Creator’s Program, co-writing is included by default because the value I can bring to you in the program is greatly hinged on my ability as a writer.

2. If I’m creating the track, then I’m going to be a co-writer.

3. Other times, I will help complete an “almost-ready” song which less demanding.

If you don’t want help with any songwriting, then I need to be sure that your songs are absolutely perfect before we work together.

If I know there’s nothing I can do to help as a writer, then I will serve the music in other ways. Otherwise, I won’t take you as a client.

Yes, for certain situations… 

Currently, my personal studio isn’t open to in-person sessions with clients. If I need live feedback then, I’ll schedule a video call via Sessionwire.

For editing, I have no issues with you virtually sitting in on the condition that (1) you can work with my schedule and (2) you don’t slow me down or unnessecarily interupt me while working. For mixing, I don’t do live feedback until the later stages of the mix.

Most of the time the answer is yes.

YOUR TEAM: If you want to bring your manager, or label rep, then they are welcome to our meetings and sessions. For writing sessions, only invite people that are going to be co-writers of course.

GUESTS: If you want to invite people that’s not involved in the production to studio sessions, then please clear that with me prior to the session. They are not welcome in any other type of meeting.

Some of the recording studios I use has a limit on how many people can be present at once. Also anyone that impedes the session, meeting, or our ability to work will be asked to leave.

You get three rounds of  edit and mix revisions at the start of any project. I use tools to make sending revisions in much easier and quicker.

Sessionwire is used for live, remote feedback and Highnote is used to collect revisions asynchronously. Both are free and available to everyone.

Asynchronous revisions are the primary way you get revisions because I only do live revision sessions when there’s a lack of clarity or when I’m doing the final mix print.

If you delay sending me feedback, then the schedule of deadlines of the any project can and will be changed accordingly.

Yes! I hire take care of hiring and directing the session musicians.

Most of the musicians I call will be people I have worked with for awhile and I will be able to predict how long they need to do what needs done.

That means no guess work with prices or surprises when you see your invoice!

I’m almost always cool with you bringing your musicians too, but I will have to make sure they are prepared. If not, then we’ll be spending more time in prepro until they’re ready.

Otherwise, we can end up wasting money in the studio.

In addition to your standard mix, you’ll get an instrumental mix, a TV mix (no lead vocal), and clean versions of your standard and TV mix if applicable.

Stems aren’t delivered until well after the songs are mastered unless a song is slated for a sync placement. ATMOS mixes will be for an extra fee.

Questions About The Indie Creator's Program

Most of the differences are in the Pre-Production phase (the most important) and how it affects the rest of the project.

UNCUT ARTIST PACKAGE: While you work on the lyrics, I’ll write the instrumental and direct the band I put together for you.

LIVE REVAMP PACKAGE: I’ll re-arrange your previously released songs, put a band together for you.

FLEX PRO PACKAGE: I’ll work with you where you’re at in your writing process to align your vision with the results. Using I’ll write and produce the instrumental as you work out the lyrics.

With all the packages, you’ll get a smooth recording experience and post-production that brings your vision to life.

Everything you could need to make your music slap is planned for and taken care off.

Each time my team gets together to make music, they’re pouring a great deal of themselves into what will be released under your name.

We book studios, rehearsal rooms, personnel, equipment, and the handful of things some people don’t account for until it’s too late.

As for me, I dedicate anywhere from 40 to 60+ hours to each song. Regardless of the tasks I perform, I always leave a bit of my soul in each piece of music I work on.

Yep, that’s the point.

The Indie Creator’s Program is designed to relieve you of your burdens. To do that, I need to be very hands-on with the project.

If that’s not the type of producer-relationship you want, then the ICP definitely to be a bad fit for you.


If this is your first time working with me, then you’re entitled to a free 3-hour preproduction session for work on any music you want.

No, but each package is designed to be molded to the plethora of circumstances that an artist brings to the table.

At the core of each ICP package is a flexible framework designed to adapt to your unique circumstances.

Before we begin, we’ll connect and discuss your situation and goals in-depth. From there, I’ll craft a plan that meets your specific needs and desires while keeping in mind the overarching goals of the package.

While you won’t be able to pick and choose individual components, rest assured that the package will be tailored to suit you.

No problem! While the price of any ICP package remains the same, you have the freedom to opt-out of certain components that don’t align with your interests.

The Indie Creator’s Program is thoughtfully crafted to alleviate the stress of music production and artist development.

I only take on a select few artists at a time to ensure personalized attention and care.

That’s why the price reflects attention and service that you deserve.


Questions About Me

I use my approach to music to find unique ways to amplify what you’re already doing with your music. My goal is to find ways to push you into a fulfilling, new space artistically.

If I describe it — I base my entire approach to music through the lens of jazz. That’s where my roots are. What I’ve done with that, is figure out where jazz meets R&B and Hip-Hop… and trust me when I say there are more intersections than most realize.

What I absolutely won’t do, is let my tastes supersede your vision or push you in an uncomfortable direction artistically.

I’d love to work you if you:

  • are musically curious and explorative
  • possess integrity and a drive to grow
  • are an exceptional at his or her craft
  • need a partner to help you bring your vision to life
  • believe that we all must grow on our own to prosper together

Music and media have consistently promoted a damaging image of black Americans — both to our culture and reputation. I refuse to support that.

If your music is about nothing more than condoning or promoting violence, the abuse/neglect of women and children, wanton sex or drug use, and/or damaging to black people and culture, then please look elsewhere.