Let's See If This Is A Bad Idea Before We Work Together

Learn Why We Should Or Shouldn’t Work Together, About Your Investment,  And Some Common Questions

If you are an artist who:

  • Believes that we all must grow on our own to prosper together
  • Is musically curious and explorative
  • Possesses integrity and a drive to grow
  • Is an exceptional lyricist
  • Needs a partner to help you bring your vision to life

Then we’ll probably work very well together.

I don’t have a set rate because every project is different and every artist has different needs.

I never run a bloated budget and I always try to run with the leanest crew that’s appropriate for what the music calls for.

The best way to get an idea of what you might invest by working with me is to reach out to me with a decent idea of of what you want.

  • If I don’t believe I can help the artist with his or her goals.
  • If I don’t believe the artist is serious about working hard to make great music.
  • If I don’t believe  the artist is ready to work with me.
  • If I believe the artist and I are misaligned musically/artistically.
  • The artist makes music that promotes or condones the killing of black people, abuse of black women, abuse and neglect of children, drug abuse, or any other prominent issue in the black community.

That’s great question (that I may shoved into your head)! You can find my Terms and Conditions here.

I have summary of some of the most important points on the House Rules page if you are in a rush.

Anyone that wants to work with my team and me, has to agree to these rules. Also, they are updated periodically.


If this is your first time working with me, then you’re entitled to a free 2-hour preproduction session for work on any music you want.

Do You Have Questions?

Keep scrolling to see some common inquiries or hit the button below to talk with me.


General Clarifications

Music and media have consistently promoted a damaging image of black Americans — both to our culture and reputation. I refuse to support that.

If your music is about nothing more than condoning or promoting violence, the abuse/neglect of women and children, wanton sex or drug use, and/or damaging to black people and culture, then please look elsewhere.

My regular hours are 9AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday.

Most of my work for you will be done during those hours. I am willing to make exceptions for studio and writing sessions, but working within my hours will always be prioritized.

We don’t do refunds. Here’s Why…

The time, energy, and resources team and I put into the creation of your music are things we cannot get back if you change your at the end of the day. Production is not a product that can be returned.

I’ll never distribute your songs in an unauthorized a malicious way, but I reserve the right to share the work I did for you.

I reserve the right to share any result of the work I do on social media, my websites, with publications, and to submit work for awards for my contribution to your music.

If you have any secrecy requirements, then please tell me before we work together so we can make sure things work for everyone.

No, I operate remotely most of the time.

Since my equipment needs vary from project to project, I keep a certain amount of equipment and rent a studio in a more furnished studio when it’s needed. It’s really having higher quality tracking rooms that make the biggest difference and not just audio equipment.

It means I can track the band members individually to save time on logistics or I get them all in one room for a more organic recording.  We can go to a vocal studio or I could also come to you for your vocal session (I’m not coming to you with my equipment if you’re in the hood by-the-way).

Please let me know at least 72 hours before the appointment time.

Usually, I try to be as flexible as possible if I have sufficient notice and I try not to sweat stuff like that. However, if I don’t have notice, then any rescheduling could be done at your expense.

Clarifications on How I Work

Right now, it’s email the vast majority of the time. Phone or video calls are only used as needed.

Please don’t text or social dm anything related to your project. I do not keep track of project communications outside of email. If my main form of communication changes, then I’ll inform you.

It’s at my discretion to work outside of the operating hours and you will be charged a convenience fee if I do any work for your project during that time.

I usually make an exemption for writing and recording sessions, however, the extent to which I do is limited.

Depends on the project, but usually I incorporate live feedback one way or another… 

Currently, my personal studio isn’t open to in-person sessions with clients. If we use a more expensive mix room, then usually that’s a yes.

Otherwise, when the extra pair of ears is needed, I’ll set up a video call with you so we can get to work.

I’m quicker and more efficient when writing and mixing alone which saves both of us time which saves money in the project. This means I’ll only bring you in when I’m aligning the vision and have a bulk of the work done.

Most of the time the answer is yes.

If you want to bring your manager, or label rep, then they are welcome for the majority of our meetings. The only exception I can think of would be a call or video conference where I need to talk to you personally.

If you want to invite people that are not on your core team or involved in the production (including, but not limited to friends, other artists, or photographers/videographers) to studio sessions, then please clear that with me prior to the session. They are not welcome in any other meeting unless they are relevant to the project and occasion for that specific meeting.

As long as the total number of people remains small, then I am likely to agree depending on what we are meeting to do. I will not guarantee that 100% of the time, however.

For the studio especially, the fewer people you bring, the more efficient your session will run. I believe it’s a bad idea to bring small children or significant others. Your money will go further when only those people essential to project are present.

Upon the final payment…

I do not deliver any materials before the payment is completed. You will easily be able to listen and give feedback on your music and the work we do on it though.

Clarifications on Your Investment

Everything is online. Both debit and credit are acceptable forms of payment.

Down payment will be required to start working. After which for production clients, there will be monthly installments or half down and half upon delivery (depending on the timeline of the project).

For writing clients, it will usually be half down and half upon delivery, but working out a schedule for larger projects is an option. The last payment is due when the final deliverables are ready.

It depends on the project.

Though it’s not always applicable, the split I will ask for will be based on how I serve you as a producer and/or writer. What I can tell you is that when the budget decreases, then the split I agree to take will increase.

We book studios, rehearsal rooms, personnel, equipment, and the handful of things some people don’t account for until it’s too late.

Each time my team gets together to make music, they’re pouring a great deal of themselves into what will be released under your name.

As for me, I dedicate anywhere from 40 to 60+ hours to each song. Regardless of the tasks I perform, I always leave a bit of my soul in each piece of music I work on.


No project or work will begin without a deposit. If I give you a schedule and a proposal, the only way to lock it in is when you put down your deposit.

All work will be halted and you won’t receive any of the deliverables.

In this case, please hit me up as soon as you foresee any difficulty making a payment and we can possibly work out an alternative schedule.

Either way, I’m not able to continue working nor will I deliver songs until the full payment is received.

Clarifications on Your Project

All the I do as a producer is hinged on my capacity as a writer.

The specific package we decide to go with will either demand more or less from me as a writer. In descending order of the significance of my contribution:

  1. A-to-Z Production — Most Demanding
  2. Hybrid Production — Most Demanding
  3. Live Reproduction — Somewhere In The Middle
  4. Band Production — Light to Somewhat Demanding
For the Band package, the ideal situation is for me to not have to do much to get the songs studio ready. We’ll only have co-writing on the table if you either want that or the music needs it. Otherwise, I won’t touch the songs.

When you hire me as a producer, you are also bringing a co-writer on your team. If that’s not what you’re looking for, but it’d be best to look elsewhere.

For writing, no. For producing, usually but it depends on the deal.

I don’t intend to have ownership of your masters, but I’m not selling my share of publishing if I do write for your project.

You get three rounds of revisions at the start of the project and we currently use a tools to make sending feedback and approval easy for you.

If you want more revisions or edits than what is in our agreement, that will incur an extra charge per revision.

Most of the differences are in the Pre-Production phase (the most important) and how it affects the rest of the project.

A-to-Z Production: While you work on the lyrics, I’ll write the instrumental, put a band together for it, run the studio sessions, and bring everything together with my post-production team.

Live Reproduction: I’ll re-arrange one of your previously released songs, put a band together for it, run the studio sessions, and bring everything together with my post-production team.

Band Production: Bring in your band, we’ll tighten and polish the songs in prepro, then I’ll run the studio sessions, and bring everything together with my post-production team.

Hybrid Production: I’ll work with you where you’re at in your writing process to align your vision with the results. Using both my team and the available tech, I’ll write and produce the instrumental as you work out the lyrics. Then, I’ll run the studio sessions and bring everything together with my post-production team.

We can talk it over and adjust our plan.

If you want to add or remove things in your project, then I’ll make sure it’s doable and as long as I can still deliver the best value for you, then I’ll usually agree to adding services.

The price and schedule will change accordingly. Lastly, it’s all my discretion to add extra services you want.

Just let me know and we can put things on the breaks. 

I understand that a lot of things in life can make finishing a project complicated and sometimes longer than planned. It’s perfectly okay to halt production with me. However, please communicate ASAP if something like this even becomes a possibility. 

I won’t keep things sidelined indefinitely, but I will try to work with you. Lastly, I do reserve the right to abort any project AFTER it has been paused for more than 30 days.

Again, let me know and we tie things up. 

If we find ourselves in the unfortunate scenario where we have to stop a project, then let me know. You’ll get what you have already paid for, and anything that isn’t paid for or finished will be aborted.

Any payments made up until that point will be forfeit though. Please talk to me before you make up your mind, so we can try to find a solution that works for you.

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