House Rules

NOTICE: This is only a summary of some of the T&C that is written for your convenience while you consider working with me. In no way is this page a substitute or addition to the T&C. You can access it here or at the bottom of any page on this site.


Simply stated, anything outside of what is agreed on at the beginning of the project will be extra. Services won’t be added unless we both agree they need to be.


We’ll keep copies of the files from our services available for up to one year.

Right To Share

We reserve the right to share our contributions on websites we control, social media, and to submit to awards for our work.

Material Ownership

Until the final payment is settled, we retain ownership of all materials. Only the agreed-upon material become your property when the final payment is made.

Operating Hours

Normal hours are Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM — any work done outside of that will be at our discretion and be subject to convenience fees.


Email is my primary form of communication. That’s how we’ll communicate unless directed otherwise — usually by call. Any messages I receive outside of my normal hours won’t be read until the next business day. I also do not keep track of social DM’s.

Rescheduling & Cancelation

72 hours of notice is necessary to avoid a convenience fee when rescheduling or cancelling any meeting.


If either you or us displays the conduct from the list below, then the other can terminate a project. Also, if you interfere with our work with micromanagement, lack of trust, or executing decisions, then we will terminate the project.

A) Repeated or excessive absence or tardiness to scheduled meetings and sessions.
B) Lying to the other party
C) Impairment or any lack of ability to work resulting from any recreational drug use
D) Violent, and/or abusive behavior directed towards anyone or anyone’s property.
E) Any property damage caused regardless of intent.
F) Any illegal activity as governed by State or Federal Law.

Property Damage

We all know that if you break unless buy it you buy it and please don’t touch equipment directed to do so.


Our work is non-refundable after the fact. Projects being suspended or terminated will not result in a refund.

Suspension & Termination

You can terminate a project at any time, but you will also forfeit your deposits.

There are three situations in which we’ll suspend a project: you make the request for a break because you need some time, you break the rules in the T&C, or you don’t pay us.

We might terminate any suspended project after 90 days if a solution isn’t reached.

No Communication

If my team and I don’t receive sufficient communication from you for 30 days, then we’ll have to suspend your project until further notice.

Our Failure

If my team and I absolutely cannon fulfill our services for you, we may be able to give you a refund depending on what stage of work we are in.